Car air conditioning repair and maintenance, magical air conditioning repair additives

Car air conditioning systems are often ignored by most car owners. Generally speaking, the automobile air conditioning system will gradually age after five years of operation, the cooling efficiency will decrease, and the air output will not be strong. Manufacturers and 4S shops often organize car owners to carry out the inspection and maintenance of car air conditioners. But if you want to do some maintenance work yourself, some auto air conditioning repair (maintenance) additives on the market are your good helpers.


working principle:

These automotive air-conditioning additives can enhance compressor sealing, reduce wear, reduce noise, improve compressor efficiency, and help greatly reduce the internal friction of the air conditioner and increase the sealing performance, enhance the cooling effect, and make air conditioners and automobiles The internal functional components exert higher working efficiency, and use this to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of automobile air conditioners.

There is also a set of air-conditioning system additives priced at about 400 yuan in the auto supplies market. Through this product, car owners can carry out a series of processes such as maintenance, cleaning and strengthening of the car air-conditioning.


Main effects:

1. After adding the repairing agent, the air outlet temperature of the air conditioner can be reduced by 2~5℃, and the cooling effect of the air conditioner can be improved;

2. Reduce the frictional resistance of the air conditioner compression, reduce the compressor load by 15~23%; reduce wear and tear, and extend the service life of the air conditioner by 2 times;

3. Eliminate the abnormal noise of the worn compressor;

4. Save fuel by 10% and reduce the cost of car use.

Some car owners will add Freon refrigerant to the car. When it is very hot in summer, too much Freon refrigerant will cause the high pressure to exceed the limit, the engine will vibrate like thunder, and sometimes the boiling phenomenon will occur.

The maintenance master said that this was mainly due to the low power of the engine and the aging of some equipment. At this time, the air conditioner is turned on, and the engine load is too heavy to drive the air conditioner compressor; if the air conditioner is forced to be used, the loss of the car will increase, and if it is serious, it may cause the car to ignite. Therefore, he suggested that relevant automotive air-conditioning additives should be used appropriately in this situation.