Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Will strictly control the pollution of harmful substances in automobiles

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Management Requirements for Automobile Hazardous Substances and Recyclable Utilization Rates (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" (hereinafter referred to as "Draft for Solicitation of Comments"), which intends to strengthen the management of toxic Disassemble the used parts. This is also my country's first method to strengthen the management of hazardous substances in the field of automobile manufacturing. According to the advancement timetable, the method will be formally implemented next year.

It is understood that the "Draft for Comment" clearly pointed out that as the main body responsible for pollution control, automobile manufacturers should actively develop ecological design, follow the design principles of easy dismantling and recyclability, adopt reasonable structure and function design, and choose Non-toxic, harmless or low-toxic and low-harm green materials and components that are easy to dismantle and use, apply green manufacturing technologies with high resource utilization efficiency, low environmental pollution, and easy recycling; actively build a green supply chain, in the entire industry chain Implement hazardous substances and material labeling requirements.

At the same time, all levels of auto parts and material suppliers should truthfully provide product materials and hazardous substance usage information, so as to facilitate the tracking and analysis of automobile hazardous substances and recyclable utilization rates by automobile manufacturers.

Since January 1, 2016, the use of hazardous substances and the recycling rate of passenger vehicles (M1 category) with a total number of seats not exceeding nine have been implemented: including the use of hazardous substances in new products, and the calculation method of recycling rate should be Respectively meet the requirements of national standards such as "Requirements for Vehicles Prohibited Substances", "Calculation Method for Reusability and Recyclability of Road Vehicles", and are included in the management of "Announcement of Vehicle Manufacturers and Products", and will be implemented 24 months after production .

It is reported that automobile manufacturers should provide the "Automobile Dismantling Guidance Manual" to the recycling and dismantling enterprises through appropriate channels and methods within 6 months of obtaining the production announcement of the new product, and submit it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization). Division) to submit the "Automotive Hazardous Substances Information Sheet", if the above materials and information are not provided as required, they will be ordered to make corrections within a time limit, or the list will be published.