Successfully held the medium-term plan seminar of Sanden (Tianjin)

On August 7-8, 2014, Tianjin Sanden Auto Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. held the medium-term plan seminar at Beidaihe for two days. Senior and middle leaders gathered together and discussed deeply about the strategic development of TSA in the next five years.

This seminar was mainly divided into two aspects: the first one is to ensure the discussion of guidelines and projects for achieving the "15-118"strategic aim; the second one is the feasibility and challenging analysis of the "2-6-8"strategic aim. Ministers attending the seminar formulated the relevant plans and strategies (guidelines project of the department) combining with the realities of their own departments, and discussed together their support and feasibility to the strategy of our company.

This seminar was successfully held, so that all cadres of our company could further know about the strategic aim of our company, and realize the disparity and deficiency existed in the department; it also made it clear for the direction of subsequent efforts, inspired their enthusiasm, and laid a solid foundation for the next five-year development of Tianjin Sanden.