Lotus Heat Core Heat Exchanger Core Series 1

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Lotus Heat Core Heat Exchanger Core Series 1

The data transmission through exchange is actually the way the switch transmits data. Previously, hubs used to rely more on sharing to transmit data, without being able to meet communication speed requirements. The sharing method of hubs, commonly known as shared networks, uses hubs as connecting devices and only has one direction of data flow, resulting in very low efficiency of network sharing. Relatively speaking, the switch can recognize each computer connected to it, and memorize and recognize it through the physical address of each computer's network card, commonly known as the MAC address. Under this premise, there is no need to perform broadcast search, and the memorized MAC address can be directly found at the corresponding location and communicated through a temporary dedicated data transmission channel to complete data transmission between two nodes without external interference. Due to the fact that the switch also has a full duplex transmission mode, it is also possible to establish temporary dedicated channels between multiple pairs of nodes simultaneously to form a three-dimensional and intersecting data transmission channel structure.

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