CDDX Radiator 1

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CDDX Radiator 1

Optical switching is the next generation of switching technology that people are developing. All switching technologies are based on electrical signals. Even fiber optic switches first convert optical signals into electrical signals, undergo switching processing, and then send back optical signals to another fiber. Due to the low photoelectric conversion rate and physical bottlenecks in the processing speed of circuits, people hope to design an "optical switch" that does not require photoelectric conversion. Its internal structure is not a circuit but an optical path, and the logic element is not a switch circuit but a switch optical path. This will greatly improve the processing speed of the switch. Remote configuration In addition to being directly connected to the computer through the "Console" port, switches can also be connected through regular ports. At this point, configuring the switch cannot be done locally, but requires implementing switch configuration through Telnet or web browser. The specific configuration method is as follows: 1. Telnet The Telnet protocol is a remote access protocol that can be configured by logging in to a switch. Assuming the switch IP is, configuring the switch through Telnet only requires two steps: Step 1, click Start, run, and enter 'Telnet' Step 2: After entering, click OK or Enter key to establish the connection with the remote switch. Then, the switch can be configured and managed according to actual needs. 2. Web Through the web interface, the switch can be set as follows: Step 1: Run a web browser, enter the switch IP in the address bar, press Enter, and the following dialog box will pop up. Step 2, enter the correct username and password. Step 3, establish the connection and enter the switch configuration system. Step 4, follow the prompts to set up the switch and modify parameters.

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